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How do you give yourself whiplash in one easy step?  Why, you simply step on the “clutch” of the loaner 2013 MINI Cooper S Step-tronic AUTOMATIC whilst driving at 35mph!!  Seriously that simple.

The rest of the story is that Kelly and Nyssa had Maggie out on a shopping run on a Friday afternoon when a red warning indicator came on the dash.  According to the MINI manual, it was an ABS/DTC failure and we were to contact our MINI Dealership as “your journey is over.”!!!  Wonderful quote.  MINI road-side assistance worked very well and the tow truck was right on time.  Only problem was I’d taken the tow hook out of Maggie (for whatever reason) and had to drive her up onto the truck myself.  Once we got to the dealership, it was too late for them to look into it, so they gave me a loaner for the weekend.  An automatic!!

The following Sunday, whilst drive about and pulling away from a stop light, I “shifted” the paddles and hit the “clutch” for second gear!!  Scared me at the time and didn’t start hurting until Monday night.  Neck was completely locked up all day Tuesday and part of Wednesday.  By Thursday night, started feeling better.  Up to the point where I pinched a nerve in my shoulder!!  Wasn’t ’til Saturday that everything was back to “normal”.

So, what did I learn from this?  The Footwell Body Control Modual of a 2010 JCW just doesn’t just fail and BMW was happy to split the costs.  Jolly decent of them.  Also, there is no clutch on a Step-tronic!!  And I won’t make that mistake ever again.


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Whilst driving me to Womack for yet another kidney stone, Kelly “allegedly” ran two red lights.  Though we stopped at both intersections (one being on Bragg) and made sure there were no cars coming, we proceeded through.  Thus, my diligently law-abiding, upstanding citizen put these on her trust in the fact that if a police officer had pulled us over, he would have then led the parade to the hospital after just one look at me.

Just two years ago, I drove myself to Womack but this bout, unlike its three predecessors, gave me no warning and just staggered me with its “Hello!”  So, instead of a quick ride to Parkton and then church, Kelly and I spent about 7 1/2 hours waiting this thing out.  During that time, Kelly just about read her latest book and I pretty much slept from all the durgs I needed for the pain.  I took four liters of Lactated Ringer’s solution (and only threw up twice), but surprisingly, I have yet to return these contributions.  Of course, the doctor told me to drink more often whilst riding my bike; I always take my Camelbak and then just about plough through a gallon of decaf Sweet Tea post-ride.  Hmmm…

Regardless, 68 days after my last trip to Womack was too soon, by far, for a return.  FWIW, this is now my new level 10 in pain on the 1 to 10 scale the docs ask you to compare to.  This hurt so bad I was fighting back the tears, not gonna lie.  But to hear the woman a couple of beds over screaming and crying about getting a simple shot in the arm made me feel that I wasn’t quite the wuss I thought I was when I left the house this morning.  And who takes their healthy toddler to the ER to visit?!?  A germ factory visiting the replenishment farm?!?  ‘Merica is in trouble if this is our future.

In any case, I’m have and well.  I felt so sick having not eaten anything since dinner last night, I settled for a McD’s strawberry shake and some bread, just to be sure I don’t violently reject this offering.  The yards NEED to be cut but that’ll just wait until tomorrow because I am now D-U-N.  Like a turkey dinner at Christmas, stick a fork in me.


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As some of you may know, I had an appendectomy last week and I’ve recovered enough to share the rest of the story.  In hindsight, there were indicators this was coming, however, as with all good stories, you don’t know what you’re getting into until after it’s started! Read the rest of this entry »

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Yup, as soon as it was announced, I bought the Bentley PublishersMINI Cooper Service Manual and it was delivered yesterday!!  I was so excited to read this that I didn’t take time to post as I was reading all the letters off the page!!  This massive tome is the only non-BMW published source of MINI knowledge, as neither Chilton’s nor Haynes has anything for the MINI.  Though it doesn’t cost as much as the BMW Service Manual, it wasn’t cheap but is excellent value for the price as this is a Service Manual vice Repair Manual.  The difference is that a repair manual takes you through typical, common automotive repairs, whereas a Service Manual pretty much shows you how to completely disassemble a car.  This lists all of the torque values as well as the special tools required for those finicky jobs, like compressing the pistons into the calipers for changing the brakes.  So, now I need to decide whether it is more cost effective for me to get the MINI Extended Maintenance Plan or do all of it myself.  Decisions, decisions.


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Going and dancing with Matt is exactly like loving my MINI simply because each is truly unique in it’s class and character.  There was quite the eclectic crowd that turned out tonight for the meeting, which is not unlike any MINI motoring meet I’ve been to.  The commonality between Dancing with Matt and MINI owners are the desire to express your own personality and character.  Having seen some of Matt’s interviews over on the ‘tube and impressed with his 08 video, Matt was just as approachable and down to Earth as I had expected.  So, not only did I dance with Matt, I got the t-shirt >AND< a photo of Matt with me in it!!

Cheers!!See, here's the t-shirt with Matt Himself!!

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