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Last week, I sent emails to my US Senators and US Representative about DoD’s stance that the Fort Hood Shootings were an act of workplace violence, rather than an act of terrorism.  Today, I got a call from my Congressman’s office, Larry Kissell.  Imagine that.  Of course, the gentleman making the call was, most likely, just ticking the box but at least they called.  Haven’t heard from Richard Burr or Kay Hagan yet.  Perhaps they just don’t care.


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Just ridiculous that the deficit numbers are so huge and being thrown around so much that they loose meaning.  Since I’m a visual kinda guy, I figured that this would help better understand just how screwed up our “elected representatives” are.  To say that they are criminal would be prejudicial but to say that they do NOT have the best interests of the electorate in mind would be the TRUTH!!!


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