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Jon has moved from being certifiable to certified as a Basic EMT in North Carolina.  Great job!!  It took almost a month to the day for the state to come back with his results but when the letter came in an document envelope, I knew.  If he’d failed, they’d just send a letter saying so.  It’d be rather cruel to send a large envelope saying, “Looser!!  Try again.” or some such.  Still, is cool that he can stabilize, O2, transport!


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I found this clip over on Wimp and I’ve gotta say that this is what my life is all about:  I have lived for my kids.  The Number 1 highlight of my life was when Kelly said she’d marry me.  Number 2 is when all of my kids were blessed with their fingers and toes and everything else in the right spot.  With that, my kids have become Eagle / Gold Award Scouts, very active in school sports, participated in other school activities, had good grades and the opportunity for a college education.  Even so, Patrick Henry Hughes has said that though he doesn’t have eyes and can’t walk, so what?  “God has given me the gift of music!”  For me, I see the dedication his family, especially his father, has given to support Patrick to find his way in the world and it warms my heart to see that Kelly and I aren’t the only ones living for our family.

Any man can be a father, however, there’s a lot of work required to be Dad.


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Jon is the big 23 now and half-way to being an OLD MAN!  Happy Birthday, Jon!


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Nyssa is back from her Costa Rica trip with the school and her snaps are uploaded.  Looks like she had a great time and the country is just like I remember it.  Cheers!!

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This article over on Fox News goes on to describe how these numbers could adversely effect readiness rates and how they poorly reflect on the US education system.  This article was also a point of discussion amongsts my friends on FB.  A couple of folks were advocating compulsory service, whilst others were for lowering the entrance standards.  In my response, I think I hit the two main points:

FWIW, the Armed Forces are not a social-welfare program.  It is bad enough that the equipment (rifles, body armor, radios, etc.) is made by the lowest bidder but to have to deal with an unmotivated individual in the midst of a poorly thought out political fiasco (OI/EF) does everyone a disservice.  The American education system is more of a day care system where the teachers are forced to teach the achievement tests rather than the subject because the administrators want to demonstrate “growth”.  Finally, it is a privilege and an honor to forfeit one’s Civil Rights to serve the dictatorship (the Armed Forces) which guards our Republic (Is 6:8).  How about this instead of a universal compulsory service: to hold any elected office, one must have completed a term of service.  Maybe then they’ll understand the implications of war!


What really bothers me is that this will fall to the wayside and won’t be mentioned for a couple/few years.  When it does become THAT hot-button issue, it will be too late, per usual.  First of all, teachers should be paid like rock stars.  Nowadays, teachers spend more time with the kids than parents do.  Even so, at the elementary level, they only spend about 2 – 2.5 hours EACH DAY teaching.  As to what they are teaching, since Congress knows best, teachers have to devote more and more time to teaching the various assessment tests rather than the subjects that are being assessed.  I cannot help but wonder what it will take to reverse this trend and at what cost?


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Did you have an exciting summer?  Mine wasn’t too bad.  Just moving back to the States.  And retiring from the Army.  Oh, and all of this: visited family in Tennessee, visited family in Texas, got Matt into college, picked up Maggie, and did a bunch of Home Improvement Projects.  This’ll be a long post as the fun just keeps going. Read the rest of this entry »

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Today, the Clan Tucker starts another Grand Adventure by moving back to the United States and me getting ready to retire from the US Army.  We’ve spent the last 1613 days enjoying European living and are really, really looking forward to returning to the US.  Sure, there are things we won’t miss, however, there are just as many things that we will miss.  Regardless, yet another adventure kicks off this weekend and I’m sure that it will be very exciting.  Now, if I could only find a job that does NOT require 6 to 12 month deployments on a rotating basis!!  Who’da thunk that working in the Tool Bin of Home Depot was SOOO demanding??!?!!??


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It took a while but I was finally able to get all of the photos uploaded from our last trip in Europe.  Yup, there are a lot but it truly was an EPIC trip.  I really do hate to admit it but MIUK (Maggie In The UK) was a better trip that MITA08 (details here and here).  Over 9 days we went about 1200 miles driving across Scotland, Ireland and Wales and it was Awesome!!  Here’s an example of just how great the trip was.  Happy Snaps posted and details after the break.


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This was a very, very busy weekend with Matthew graduating from AFNORTH International School on Friday and being presented his Eagle Award on Sunday!!  All in all, not too shabby and my work here is DUN.


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Just a quick note to let ya’ll know that I’ve finally updated the Happy Snaps with a couple really good shots, like Ganimals and PROM!!  ZOMG!!!  I am so…..  Well, you’ll see.


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