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Getting ready for K9’s arrival on Friday and I’ve got the crate built.  Next, is painting and working on the embellishments.  Pics over at Happy Snaps.


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Seems that the most consistent traffic to my site is for this LOLCat snap.  Still the best one, IMHO, and I’m glad ya’ll think so, too.


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Just a quick note to let ya’ll know that I’ve finally updated the Happy Snaps with a couple really good shots, like Ganimals and PROM!!  ZOMG!!!  I am so…..  Well, you’ll see.


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I am a cat person.

I don’t mind dogs but most don’t seem to have the air of total supremacy and dominion of cats.  As the movie said, “Cats rule and dogs drool.”  On a daily basis, I’ll check the LOL Cats site for the latest evidence of feline superiority, check to see what Sparta (who has his own channel) is up to but, occasionally, my friend Art will post about this cat, Maru.

Make no bones about it, Maru rocks.  This cat is crazy cool.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my cats but don’t know if I could have a cat as sophisticated as Maru.  I wouldn’t be able to get anything done as I lay on the floor, desperately trying to breath whilst in a fit of hysterical laughter.

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For a couple of years, I’ve been going to the LOL Cats website for a daily does of feline humor and there have been some excellent snaps of our feline overlords in all their glory.  But this image was truly the best image to date and I had to share with the group.

funny-pictures-married-cats-will-always-love-eachotherYa’ll have  a Happy Friday the 13th!!


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I do try to avoid speaking at extremes, such as “I hate ____.” Never do it. And I try not to honestly wish bad things on folks. Though I’m a Lutheran and karma ain’t in it, karma can sure explain a few things.

Now, when I was an RI at Fort Benning, I had a Jeep DJ5D to blast out into the woods with. Yup, that’s right: a mail truck! And that thing rocked. Kelly really enjoyed the wee beastie, too. During the four years there, I must’ve killed a half dozen birds, mostly pigeons, when they would fly into the flat front glass on that truck. Deader than …, well you get the idea. OK, no problem. Go Darwin!!

Today, I’m cutting about in Maggie when a homicidal, kamikaze pigeon attacked Maggie!!


There I am, minding my own business when, out of the right corner of the windshield, I see a GIANT pigeon flaring to land on the edge of the road. Since it’s facing away from Maggie and me, it doesn’t see its imminent demise. Since it’d been drizzling all day and the farmers are nice enough to pull a lot of mud and crap on the road, there was no way I was gonna try to avoid that stupid bird. Sure enough, at about 45 miles an hour, I crushed that rat with wings. Feathers everywhere. I didn’t even stop. I was worried that the headlamp was destroyed and I didn’t want to see that. After only a few minutes, I couldn’t resist anymore and pulled over to see how bad this was gonna be. To be honest, this was both less than I was expecting but worse than what I would’ve guessed. I was glad that the light wasn’t destroyed but was completely stunned that my beautiful little car was damaged! This hurt more than the pulley failure earlier this year. So, after I pick up the Jon tomorrow from Brussels and after I help Kelly get our Christmas tree, I’m going out to the dealership to see just how much this is gonna hurt. Stay tuned.


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Maximilian Brown Tucker died September 14, 2008 after a long illness. He was 13 ½.

When we moved to Holland, we knew that Max’s health couldn’t stand the trip. His back legs were getting weaker, he was about 12 then and we weren’t sure of what to expect coming oversears. So we decided to leave Max with our renter, Jody F. As Jody’s girlfriend had a 9 year old son, Max would have a friend. Problem solved for us. We had hoped that Max would survive our return, which was supposed to be this summer, however, we told Jody before we left that he was to put Max down if he got sick. Again, no problem.

I called Jody this week to ask him for some measurements around the house. He was sorry to tell me that Max had to be put down because his hind legs would no longer support him, especially going up and down the back steps.

It’s unfortunate that we were not there for him at the end but I know the kids missed him and that he’ll still be with our family. Though I was the only one he ever bit, he was a really good dog.

Max is dead. Long live Max!!




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And there’s always Sparta!!!

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