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Getting ready for K9’s arrival on Friday and I’ve got the crate built.  Next, is painting and working on the embellishments.  Pics over at Happy Snaps.


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We went and saw “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” last night.  Let’s just say that we saw all three LOTR films, and own them now, however, we won’t see this film again.  It wasn’t good enough to make me want to see it again, let alone dish out the sheckles to see it over and over again at home.  What bothers me is that Peter Jackson has about 9 hours to tell the story of one book, whereas he did the three LOTR books in the same time, and still screws up the story.  CNN has an article that talks about these changes; though it’s not complete, it does point out the tip of the iceberg.

There were some technical questions brought up by the media which effected our movie experience.  For example, the controversy about the cinematic effects Jackson uses wasn’t too bad an issue.  There was some loss of focus across panoramic shots and the color depth seemed darker, I didn’t think it was too bad. Martin Freeman did a good job as Bilbo, given the limits of the screenplay.

The real problem, as is always the case, is that those of us who read and know these stories are often disappointed, to some degree, with the movies.  Just like the Harry Potter series where, as the story goes along, the screenwriters had to modify the story.  What?  Wasn’t J.K. Rowlings a good enough writer for ya’ll?  In The Hobbit, Jackson tries to roll in all the appendix notes from LOTR to round out The Hobbit story.  What he completely misses are the details already in The Hobbit.  For example, when Bilbo is introduced to the dwarves in the book, he acts as the gracious host entertaining his guests as the random dwarves show up at his door.  However, Freeman has to play it as the befuddled home owner as the dwarves take over his house and the as the put upon host as the dwarves go about their business.  Eventually, Freeman is able to own the character once they are past Rivendell.  I can understand taking some commercial/literary license by expounding the party’s involvement in the stone giant’s fight but to bend the established stories is almost intolerable.

Thus, we, too, are disappointed with this movie.  Sure, we’ll watch each as it’s released but we won’t be buying the DVDs or BRs as they’re released.  Which is too bad for their loss of residuals.


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After our trip to the Archer’s for Thanksgiving, we had Kelly’s Birthday here at the house.  The “authorized” pictures are over on Happy Snaps and you’ll see, she was quite pleased.  Happy Birthday, Dearest!


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Jon has moved from being certifiable to certified as a Basic EMT in North Carolina.  Great job!!  It took almost a month to the day for the state to come back with his results but when the letter came in an document envelope, I knew.  If he’d failed, they’d just send a letter saying so.  It’d be rather cruel to send a large envelope saying, “Looser!!  Try again.” or some such.  Still, is cool that he can stabilize, O2, transport!


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Today, I took my daughter, and baby of the family, up to Meredith for Move-In Day and my baby, Nisa-wisa, is gone from my life forever.

Now I have a Meredith Woman.  Nyssa has entered the Class of 2016 with the finest academic family that will prepare her for her future better than Kelly and I could have ever hoped to find.  In the short time we’ve spent at Meredith, we have come to believe that Nyssa will thrive in this environment and develop into a strong, resilient, fantastically gifted academic.  She has to trust in herself that she can exceed even her own expectations.

Meanwhile, I deal with the loss of my sweet ba-bu and hope she can see that, though my tears started in sorrow, they have become ones of joy.

I love you, Nyssa Natasha.  Your Poppa Bear

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That’s Kelly’s way of getting some help to do a chore or major project.  Needless to say, the Clan Tucker scatters like bugs when we hear that question.  This latest project started simply enough on Monday with The Question: Let’s repaint the Dining Room.  Kelly figured we’d be done in a couple of days.  Of course, she was right.  We relocated the furniture yesterday, Friday afternoon.  In the meantime, we stripped off the 30 year old wall paper, filled in all the holes, sanded painted the walls twice, the trim three times and Kelly figured that, since we’re at it, we’ll paint the ceiling, too (twice)!!  Once all that was done, we still had the pleasure of figuring out where everything had to go as we all agreed that it was time to rearrange the furniture as that was how we’d had it set up from when we’d first moved in back in 1994.  Finally, all the furniture was in place, books generally in the shelves and the nik-naks to be placed later.  Not too bad a project (with new outlets and switches) and it all turned out well as can be seen on the Happy Snaps!


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Yup, that would be this guy!!

As my Father’s Day gift this year, we had planned on coming up to the Chattooga River (of Deliverance fame) with NOC for an excellent day of Class III/IV/V rafting.  However, last week, my appendix had other plans.  So, we’d planned on coming up anyways, at least I would drive us here and sit the beach with a book if there were any doubts.  As it was, I was able to make the trip without drama, except for trying to push Nyssa out of the boat, if you believe her!  THERE ARE NO PICTURES TO SUBSTANTIATE THIS ACCUSATION!!!

A fun time was had by all and, as this was our second trip with NOC, I highly recommend them for any whitewater excursions, anywhere.  And now I can add another thing to my list of “Probably not too smart but, boy, wasn’t that fun!!” list.


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Back in the day when relatives came to visit, you wouldn’t see the pictures until after they’ve returned home.  Not these days, oh now.  Digital cameras provide that instant gratification we all crave.  No more going to the Walgreens or K-Mart to turn in the rolls of film, after having filled out the envelopes for each and every roll of film.  Nope.  Going to the photo studio is no longer followed by weeks or months of anticipation with the hope that the snaps came out alright.

As you might have guessed, my Mother-in-Law is in town and we’ve been on the run.  Three  studio sessions (here, here and here) in the last three weeks (two since she’s been here) and burning through the digi-pixels.  Easy peasy.  But what got me going was this video on Wimp.  Besides being a wonderful event, this guy has a much better chance of capturing these events we cherish and I’m jealous.

Granted, there will always be the storage management issues.  Before, we had to search through boxes looking for that VHS tape.  Now, we’ve gotta search through old hard drives or other media.  Before, we had to hold on to an old VHS player for those tapes (and, yes, I do have one in the closet).  Now, most things are universally compatible.  Kids won’t have the bulk storage issues of keeping stuff from getting dirty/wet/damaged, either.  Just lost.

Nowadays, these new parents don’t have the giant, kludgy technology the size of a shoe box (or larger) to drag around capturing these memories to share with the extended family.  Sheesh, life must be good.  So, where did I put that tape of when Jon was about two, blowing bubbles through his lips and laughing hysterically?  And do I still have a micro cassette tape player?


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Maa-Maa made it into town for her visit, safe and sound.  Pictures posted over in Happy Snaps.  Let the fun  begin!


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I found this clip over on Wimp and I’ve gotta say that this is what my life is all about:  I have lived for my kids.  The Number 1 highlight of my life was when Kelly said she’d marry me.  Number 2 is when all of my kids were blessed with their fingers and toes and everything else in the right spot.  With that, my kids have become Eagle / Gold Award Scouts, very active in school sports, participated in other school activities, had good grades and the opportunity for a college education.  Even so, Patrick Henry Hughes has said that though he doesn’t have eyes and can’t walk, so what?  “God has given me the gift of music!”  For me, I see the dedication his family, especially his father, has given to support Patrick to find his way in the world and it warms my heart to see that Kelly and I aren’t the only ones living for our family.

Any man can be a father, however, there’s a lot of work required to be Dad.


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