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So, I’ve upgraded Gallery, the program which runs the Happy Snaps, and would like to know if it’s working better for ya’ll.  It should now be easier to set notifications of new albums/snaps, among other things, and would appreciate any feedback.  Also, it seems that Facebook has broken it’s API allowing 3rd party developers to connect into FB.  Thus, these musings no longer auto-populate onto my FB page. ):<


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Yeah, before we went to Crete (trip report due later), the web server dumped out with a mysterious error.  Only after completely reloading the site was I able to get it back up and running.  Of course, it’s never as easy as saying that, is it?!?  The reload required backing up the database (>150MB) and reconfiguring WordPress.  Easy so far.  The problems fun started with restoring the database.  The server only allows <50MB uploads.  Therefore, I had to hand parse the database back into the server, bit by bit, until I got an operational site.  Now, all I have to do, is to tweak it back to the fine running condition it was in before the provider did “something” to their end, which they won’t admit to.  Sheesh…

The knock-on to this is that all of the registrations are gone.  Flat out gone which isn’t too bad as there were only a couple of ya’ll out there commenting on my insanity in the first place.  So, take a minute to re-register if you feel so compelled.


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My SIL wanted to know if the Christmas photos had been posted yet, so I slaved away over a smoking keyboard and lukewarm coca to get the rest of the ’09 Snaps updated.  Along the way, I updated the ’10s as well.  Just a quick note that some are having problems with the Happy Snaps link above resulting in a 404 / Not Found error.  Please try using / bookmarking this URL instead www.nyssa-almighty.com/gallery until I can get the software sorted.


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Just a quick note to let ya’ll know that Happy Snaps have been updated for 2010 and the 2009 snaps are now in chronological order.  BTW, the snaps require registering/logging in to see the goods.  Otherwise, those weirdo Intarwebz dudz would run amok.


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A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from my site provider about having a “large amount of backup content”.  The message goes on to say that I need to look at a suspect directory on the server for “personal and non-web-related” backup data.  So, being a nice IT dude, I do all of this and see that there’s really only 14 megabyte of data in that directory that could be suspect (Kelly’s old Masters site).  I figure after that, all’s well.

Not so fast…

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I’ve updated the site with a better “mobile friendly” theme and I’m posting this message from my touch. Not too bad, methinks. Still gotta clean up the code a bit for full compliance but not too shabby, for starters.

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I recently figured out that if you were to go to search Images Google for the phrase “how big is a trillion” you might be surprised at the results.

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Back in the day, Easter Eggs in programs were really cool.  The hidden effects or messages that programmers left in their code for their audience.  I just found this link for a cool WordPress easter egg that also had a video included.  Unfortunately, most of ya’ll will never open this egg but it is really cool to watch.  The video is exactly what really happens, no user quickly typing the messages!!


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Found this interesting site that will give a graphical representation of any given web site. For example, my site looks like this:

Graphical representation of my blog from this site: http://www.aharef.info/static/htmlgraph/
What the site does is it scans an address and then graphically depicts the results of each link on the site. Pretty much all sites start with the little gray blob; in this case, it is in the bottom right corner. Not only does the end result look cool, then process is pretty nifty, too. The site uses a java applet to depict the results and does that in near real time. Some sites are more dynamic than others. For example, Microsoft versus eBay. Naturally, you’ll wanna hit all of your favorite sites. So far, the best results I’ve seen has been from the LOLCats website. Enjoy!


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Not that anyone would notice, however, my site has been flapping (up and down) for the last two days and I’m thinking its a continuation of the previous server problem. Naturally, I post a trouble ticket and get the boiler plate response, “We’re on it.” As typical, several hours later, I check the status and find that they’ve closed the ticket as “resolved”. Ohkay. But my site is still down! Interestingly, when I call them for a response, they tell me that they’ve escalated the issue — to the folks who closed the ticket the first time! So, here I am, 24 hours later with a crippled site. Just to get this far I had to disable all of my plugins but still cannot get FTP or SMTP services. Wonder just how this will all play out with the provider.


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