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I hate the feeling of apprehension.  I’m old and wise enough to know to not borrow trouble, but I cannot stand the feeling of apprehension.  That’s usually because I know the bomb is about to go off Read the rest of this entry »

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Some would be disappointed with having it rain on the 4th of July.  Me, on the other hand, I take it in stride and think about all those times over my 25 year Career when I was in the field/deployed/away from home and it rained on Christmas/New Years/Thanksgiving/my birthday/whatever.  So, instead of bitching about the inclement weather, consider those who are “on the Wall” for you when you go inside your nice, comfy homes and be thankful all the same.  Stay vigilant, my Brothers, and I’ll keep the bier cold for when you come off shift.  God Bless You and stay safe.


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Like a turkey dinner at Thanksgiving, stick me with a fork, I am DONE.  After 24 years, 3 months and 13 days of continuous Active Federal Service in the dictatorship which guards the republic, I am finally a retarded silly-villian now!  Unfortunately, drawing a retirement pay means I am still subject to the UCMJ (Article 2(a)(4) and (5)).  Imagine that.  Back in the day, how was I to know that I’d be forfeiting my civil rights for the REST of my life?!?   Typical of the Army, just typical.

Regardless, my mom and wife conspired to make me a retirement gift and here it is:

There’s a lot of memories on that quilt and pretty much hits all the highlights, too.


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Yesterday, Kelly got the keys to her library at Owen Elementary School and I got my Final DD-214!  So, Kelly can now be the bread winner whilst I putz around the house.  Naw, not really but it sounded good.  To me at least!  After the last of the Unaccompanied Baggage arrives today, we’re into the house re-arranging today and the house remodeling/repairs continue.


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Alright, we left Brussels  on Tuesday to fly back to Bragg, where I’m gonna retire from on Friday.  And that’s about the end of the goodness. Read the rest of this entry »

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Today, the Clan Tucker starts another Grand Adventure by moving back to the United States and me getting ready to retire from the US Army.  We’ve spent the last 1613 days enjoying European living and are really, really looking forward to returning to the US.  Sure, there are things we won’t miss, however, there are just as many things that we will miss.  Regardless, yet another adventure kicks off this weekend and I’m sure that it will be very exciting.  Now, if I could only find a job that does NOT require 6 to 12 month deployments on a rotating basis!!  Who’da thunk that working in the Tool Bin of Home Depot was SOOO demanding??!?!!??


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The movers have arrived to pack up the Tucker Clan’s lootz for shipping to the States.  We spent the weekend sorting through everything figuring out what we could be without for the next two months until >we< (finally!) move back to the States.  We also started our own Clean Sweep on the House That Harry Built, finding lost things, GIANT dust bunnies and trying to find places to put the “keep here” stuff!!  Today, the Kids are in school and Kelly and I will try to stay out of the way of the packing crew.  Kinda harrowing watching strangers rifling through your bestest finds of the whole day but the anticipation is building for the big GTFO!!  More to follow, I’m sure.


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Stick me with a fork like a Turkey dinner at Christmas, I am done!  My request for Voluntary Retirement has been approved by the Department of the Army!!  As of right now, I am 204 days away from starting Terminal Leave and 318 days away from being on the Retired List, 1 November 2010.  Go me!!  Then I will finally regain my Constitutional Rights after 25 years, 2 months and 22 days of serving the dictatorship that guards the Republic.  Seems like I’ll then have to get a job that has quantifiable, measurable results on a daily basis!!  Of course, I want to know what hooks the Army will have on me after I separate as I’ll be drawing 60% retirement of base pay and then whatever disability I get from the VA.  And that’s another fight altogether.


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My good MINI friend Art is also a very smart guy. Not because he knows me or loves his Tess as much as I love Maggie. Naw, he’s one of those guys that has the forty pound brain on the 17 inch neck. Smart with common sense.

His blog is good for a few laughs (which I freely plagiarize) and he does come up with some truly thought provoking topics, like this. Then he changes gears and engages that big brain.

Whenever I get into military stuff here, it’s usually the quiet kid in the corner type stuff; nothing flashy or shouty. This time, however, I’m gonna ramble on a bit. So, most of ya’ll would do well to wander by the remainder of this post as it’ll get into some military philosophy and/or opinion.

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The trick is to realize that for every one of the stories like this that you do hear about, there are scores more that never make it nearly as far.

Also, you have to realize that there are just as many folks out there who are still “fighting the good fight” making these stories possible.


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