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No shit, there I was.

I ride my bike.  I like to ride my bike.  I like being out whilst riding my bike.  I have made a choice that I will not let cars deter me from riding my bike.  Ishna’Allah. إن شاء الله.  With that in mind, I do wear a quality, well fitting helmet.  I also wear neon green jerseys or outer garments and I have a red/white/yellow strobe mounted on the back of my bike.

Today, that wasn’t enough for the idiots of this world.  A driver decided that passing me, in a no-passing zone, whilst another car was approaching was a great idea.  Naturally, he barely passed by me and I flipped him off.

That’s when he decided to pull off the right side of the road.  And roll his window down.  I gave him a wide berth, expecting to be spat upon, and pushed on down the road.  That’s when he got back onto the road and pulled up next to me.

And started pushing into me.

I’m yelling at this guy but was truly scared that he was gonna hit me.  So I firmly planted a size 9.5 left Sidi with Speedplay cleat deeply into his Saturn’s right front fender and exploded quite a nice remembrance into the plastic.  About a 12 inch hole’s worth.

I did not expect such a result but that certainly did keep the guy away from me as I pulled to a stop and got my phone out.  He stopped ahead, got out of his car and started coming back to me, so I used my bike as a guard between us as I moved back, all the while calling 911 for help.

Needless to say, emotions were running high as I flagged down the next passing motorist who saw the whole thing.  When I asked him to stay for the police, he said, “Man, I’m smokin dope.  I’s gots to go!” and left.  Seriously, I cannot make this stuff up.

Shortly, the Stoney Point fire truck pulled up to confirm no injuries.  When I told them I’d kicked the guy’s door after he tried to run me off, the fireman said the State Trooper will do more than that.

When it was all said and done, the State Trooper told me I was in the right.  As a cyclist, I am a vehicle in the eyes of the law and have full right to the entire lane.  Of course, the paper the law is written on doesn’t hold up well to the car that tried to hit me.  At the time, I was worried that I was going to get hemmed up for kickin the car and didn’t even question why that guy didn’t get a ticket, though I wonder about it now.  Talkin with the Trooper, that guy could’ve been ticketed for several offenses for about 12 points

In any case, I was in the right of it, however, I’m not sure if I’ll do the same thing next time.  Just another reflection of the times showin the erosion of the rule of law down to rule of power.


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Back in the day when relatives came to visit, you wouldn’t see the pictures until after they’ve returned home.  Not these days, oh now.  Digital cameras provide that instant gratification we all crave.  No more going to the Walgreens or K-Mart to turn in the rolls of film, after having filled out the envelopes for each and every roll of film.  Nope.  Going to the photo studio is no longer followed by weeks or months of anticipation with the hope that the snaps came out alright.

As you might have guessed, my Mother-in-Law is in town and we’ve been on the run.  Three  studio sessions (here, here and here) in the last three weeks (two since she’s been here) and burning through the digi-pixels.  Easy peasy.  But what got me going was this video on Wimp.  Besides being a wonderful event, this guy has a much better chance of capturing these events we cherish and I’m jealous.

Granted, there will always be the storage management issues.  Before, we had to search through boxes looking for that VHS tape.  Now, we’ve gotta search through old hard drives or other media.  Before, we had to hold on to an old VHS player for those tapes (and, yes, I do have one in the closet).  Now, most things are universally compatible.  Kids won’t have the bulk storage issues of keeping stuff from getting dirty/wet/damaged, either.  Just lost.

Nowadays, these new parents don’t have the giant, kludgy technology the size of a shoe box (or larger) to drag around capturing these memories to share with the extended family.  Sheesh, life must be good.  So, where did I put that tape of when Jon was about two, blowing bubbles through his lips and laughing hysterically?  And do I still have a micro cassette tape player?


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Maa-Maa made it into town for her visit, safe and sound.  Pictures posted over in Happy Snaps.  Let the fun  begin!


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I was born in 1967 and today I turn 44.  My mom was born in 1944 and is 67 this year.  Hmmm!!


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You don’t stop playing because you got old.  You got old BECAUSE you stopped playing!!  Cheers!!

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If you believe the Mainstream Media, this sounds cheesy.  I don’t live my life for them but for myself.  Joke ’em.  I do believe in the promise I made 20 plus years ago and hope that I’ll be blessed like these couples have, here and here, for the privilege of spending that much time with my best friend.


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Jon posted this link and, per usual, it was simultaneously enlightening and frightening.  Only in the US can it be this screwed up and no end in sight.

No “Cheers!!” on this one…

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Seems that I neglected to upload the photos of Manville and our picnic, so I’ve corrected that deficiency and they are posted on Happy Snaps.  Enjoy.


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And here we were thinking we’d left the “deep” snow back in The Netherlands!!  That’s between 6 to 8 inches of snow in Hope Mills!  Merry Christmas!!


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This article over on Fox News goes on to describe how these numbers could adversely effect readiness rates and how they poorly reflect on the US education system.  This article was also a point of discussion amongsts my friends on FB.  A couple of folks were advocating compulsory service, whilst others were for lowering the entrance standards.  In my response, I think I hit the two main points:

FWIW, the Armed Forces are not a social-welfare program.  It is bad enough that the equipment (rifles, body armor, radios, etc.) is made by the lowest bidder but to have to deal with an unmotivated individual in the midst of a poorly thought out political fiasco (OI/EF) does everyone a disservice.  The American education system is more of a day care system where the teachers are forced to teach the achievement tests rather than the subject because the administrators want to demonstrate “growth”.  Finally, it is a privilege and an honor to forfeit one’s Civil Rights to serve the dictatorship (the Armed Forces) which guards our Republic (Is 6:8).  How about this instead of a universal compulsory service: to hold any elected office, one must have completed a term of service.  Maybe then they’ll understand the implications of war!


What really bothers me is that this will fall to the wayside and won’t be mentioned for a couple/few years.  When it does become THAT hot-button issue, it will be too late, per usual.  First of all, teachers should be paid like rock stars.  Nowadays, teachers spend more time with the kids than parents do.  Even so, at the elementary level, they only spend about 2 – 2.5 hours EACH DAY teaching.  As to what they are teaching, since Congress knows best, teachers have to devote more and more time to teaching the various assessment tests rather than the subjects that are being assessed.  I cannot help but wonder what it will take to reverse this trend and at what cost?


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