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Did you have an exciting summer?  Mine wasn’t too bad.  Just moving back to the States.  And retiring from the Army.  Oh, and all of this: visited family in Tennessee, visited family in Texas, got Matt into college, picked up Maggie, and did a bunch of Home Improvement Projects.  This’ll be a long post as the fun just keeps going. Read the rest of this entry »

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As there is very limited parking on the street around here, I figured out that Kelly’s Triumph would fit nicely into the garage with Maggie.  Of course, I had to move everything else out of the garage first but it worked.  Now the Triumph is stored until Spring’s grand arrival.


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So, back in the day, Kelly got her new car, the 1977 Triumph Spitfire 1500 with an Opel Kadet E 1200S engine.  This car was to be a “hobby” car where I would work on this car, over long periods of time.  Think weeks to do a single job.  And that all changed when Maggie got stole.  Now, when the Triumph has a mechanical failure, there is a lot of pressure to get that fixed before someone’s job get effected.  So far, that has not been too much of  a problem.  Until the headlights went out.

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