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Jon has moved from being certifiable to certified as a Basic EMT in North Carolina.  Great job!!  It took almost a month to the day for the state to come back with his results but when the letter came in an document envelope, I knew.  If he’d failed, they’d just send a letter saying so.  It’d be rather cruel to send a large envelope saying, “Looser!!  Try again.” or some such.  Still, is cool that he can stabilize, O2, transport!


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I found this clip over on Wimp and I’ve gotta say that this is what my life is all about:  I have lived for my kids.  The Number 1 highlight of my life was when Kelly said she’d marry me.  Number 2 is when all of my kids were blessed with their fingers and toes and everything else in the right spot.  With that, my kids have become Eagle / Gold Award Scouts, very active in school sports, participated in other school activities, had good grades and the opportunity for a college education.  Even so, Patrick Henry Hughes has said that though he doesn’t have eyes and can’t walk, so what?  “God has given me the gift of music!”  For me, I see the dedication his family, especially his father, has given to support Patrick to find his way in the world and it warms my heart to see that Kelly and I aren’t the only ones living for our family.

Any man can be a father, however, there’s a lot of work required to be Dad.


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Jon is the big 23 now and half-way to being an OLD MAN!  Happy Birthday, Jon!


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Nyssa is back from her Costa Rica trip with the school and her snaps are uploaded.  Looks like she had a great time and the country is just like I remember it.  Cheers!!

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Did you have an exciting summer?  Mine wasn’t too bad.  Just moving back to the States.  And retiring from the Army.  Oh, and all of this: visited family in Tennessee, visited family in Texas, got Matt into college, picked up Maggie, and did a bunch of Home Improvement Projects.  This’ll be a long post as the fun just keeps going. Read the rest of this entry »

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Today, the Clan Tucker starts another Grand Adventure by moving back to the United States and me getting ready to retire from the US Army.  We’ve spent the last 1613 days enjoying European living and are really, really looking forward to returning to the US.  Sure, there are things we won’t miss, however, there are just as many things that we will miss.  Regardless, yet another adventure kicks off this weekend and I’m sure that it will be very exciting.  Now, if I could only find a job that does NOT require 6 to 12 month deployments on a rotating basis!!  Who’da thunk that working in the Tool Bin of Home Depot was SOOO demanding??!?!!??


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This was a very, very busy weekend with Matthew graduating from AFNORTH International School on Friday and being presented his Eagle Award on Sunday!!  All in all, not too shabby and my work here is DUN.


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Just a quick note to let ya’ll know that I’ve finally updated the Happy Snaps with a couple really good shots, like Ganimals and PROM!!  ZOMG!!!  I am so…..  Well, you’ll see.


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Matthew has successfully passed his Eagle Board of Review and is just one step away from being an Eagle Scout!!  At the risk of hubris, my “work” as a father is validated with another confirmed Lutheran Eagle Scout son.  Now we have to wait about a month for Matt’s Eagle packet to get approved by the National Boy Scout Committee and then we’ll schedule his Eagle Court of Honor.


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It has been quite some time since my last post and there are a couple of significant events to share with the group.  One is that I’ve gotten my retirement orders and the other is that Matt got accepted to the University of Texas at Dallas!! Read the rest of this entry »

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