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Just when the dust had settled from the last go ’round, TomTom fails yet again with another battery failure.  I was actually surprised with just how smooth the RMA process went, however, the Corporate Customer Care Team never did contact me back, ever.  I actually filed a Better Business Bureau complaint because I’m really tired of dealing with the ineptitude and inadequacies of the entire organization. Read the rest of this entry »

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As a follow-up to the previous post, if you recall, whilst posting this last week, I was in the QoD to cancel having them send me another 2505 to replace the one I had.  After doing so and reconfirming the existing problems with the current 2505 (won’t connect via Win7Pro64 nor will it update maps), I repeated my request to have CCC contact me before we do anything else.

Right.  Read the rest of this entry »

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There were a >LOT< of things that I missed whilst living in Europe and one of the most important was customer service.  True, most of my European disappointments were a result of cultural differences, however, I would expect “right” to be “right” where ever you are.  Regardless, I believe that I am entitled to services rendered and will let folks know when I think they’ve not done their jobs.  Now, I’m not gonna be THAT old guy, the curmudgeon.  “You darn kids!! Stay off my grass!”  “Hey, I ordered EXTRA crispy radishes!”  Naw, I’ll just work on getting what I feel that I’ve paid for and deserve.  BTW, this took three days and 4225 words to write! Read the rest of this entry »

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OK, yesterday those things that were stored for the duration of our European Vacation were delivered and mostly put out into the garage.  Cool, no problem.  Christmas in July for Da Kidd as I get to play with my toys tools.  Today, our stuff from Holland was delivered so it was Christmas in July for Kelly, though I was glad to see my clocks again.  BUT, I found something that I had COMPLETELY forgotten about and was truly the bestest find of the WHOLE day!!  I found a new Microsoft Trackball Explorer.  Now, that may not seem like too big a deal, even for an IT dude.  However, when you consider that this trackball is going for >USD$200 over on eBay and USD$478 – 499 on Amazon, that might perk your interests!!  Naw, I don’t think I’ll sell this one but hold on to it as a spare.  Now, what else do I have squirreled away in there??


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Yeah, before we went to Crete (trip report due later), the web server dumped out with a mysterious error.  Only after completely reloading the site was I able to get it back up and running.  Of course, it’s never as easy as saying that, is it?!?  The reload required backing up the database (>150MB) and reconfiguring WordPress.  Easy so far.  The problems fun started with restoring the database.  The server only allows <50MB uploads.  Therefore, I had to hand parse the database back into the server, bit by bit, until I got an operational site.  Now, all I have to do, is to tweak it back to the fine running condition it was in before the provider did “something” to their end, which they won’t admit to.  Sheesh…

The knock-on to this is that all of the registrations are gone.  Flat out gone which isn’t too bad as there were only a couple of ya’ll out there commenting on my insanity in the first place.  So, take a minute to re-register if you feel so compelled.


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Let me start by saying that my life is not ANYWHERE as bad as this sorry lot, however, yesterday was truly a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.  Beware:  What follows is Computer Geek hell.  Don’t follow unless you understand the OSI model, have nothing better to do or need a nap!! Read the rest of this entry »

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My SIL wanted to know if the Christmas photos had been posted yet, so I slaved away over a smoking keyboard and lukewarm coca to get the rest of the ’09 Snaps updated.  Along the way, I updated the ’10s as well.  Just a quick note that some are having problems with the Happy Snaps link above resulting in a 404 / Not Found error.  Please try using / bookmarking this URL instead www.nyssa-almighty.com/gallery until I can get the software sorted.


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Just a quick note to let ya’ll know that Happy Snaps have been updated for 2010 and the 2009 snaps are now in chronological order.  BTW, the snaps require registering/logging in to see the goods.  Otherwise, those weirdo Intarwebz dudz would run amok.


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A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from my site provider about having a “large amount of backup content”.  The message goes on to say that I need to look at a suspect directory on the server for “personal and non-web-related” backup data.  So, being a nice IT dude, I do all of this and see that there’s really only 14 megabyte of data in that directory that could be suspect (Kelly’s old Masters site).  I figure after that, all’s well.

Not so fast…

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Somewhere, sometime last week I read about the Picasa photo management tool and was hooked.  I’m thinking that Google is gonna give Microsoft a run for it’s money with these cool new programs they’re building.  I say this because Picasa does a fantastic job of sorting through all of the snaps and then will attempt to do facial recognition on them.  Talk about helping with the sorting.  Even better, Picasa doesn’t do >anything< to the photos themselves.  Doesn’t move them around, like iTunes does(!!!), nor does it change anything about the file itself.  It only creates a small index file of the photos found in each directory.  With that in mind, I installed the program yesterday and let it run over the next 12-13 hours last night.  Lotsa snaps to plough through.  I’ve spent the last 8-9 hours doing the final sort on the ones that Picasa couldn’t figure out itself.  So, of the 44,592 files in the Happy Snaps directory, Picasa wasn’t able to get through just over 8k by itself and in the past 9 hours, I’ve crunched through about 2k worth of photos, as well as massaging the snaps it through it’d recognized properly.  Now, I’ll gunge along with this over the next couple of weeks but I’m real happy with this prog enough to recommend to the rest of ya’ll.  Take a look at it and give it a whirl.  I’ll let ya’ll know how I progress.


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