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And, we’re d-u-n!!  The Great Flooring Project of 2011 is complete and the Snaps are posted; AAR to be posted later!  Just to give a sense of the transformation, here’s a before and after of the hallway.  Cheers!!

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Did you have an exciting summer?  Mine wasn’t too bad.  Just moving back to the States.  And retiring from the Army.  Oh, and all of this: visited family in Tennessee, visited family in Texas, got Matt into college, picked up Maggie, and did a bunch of Home Improvement Projects.  This’ll be a long post as the fun just keeps going. Read the rest of this entry »

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Yesterday, Kelly got the keys to her library at Owen Elementary School and I got my Final DD-214!  So, Kelly can now be the bread winner whilst I putz around the house.  Naw, not really but it sounded good.  To me at least!  After the last of the Unaccompanied Baggage arrives today, we’re into the house re-arranging today and the house remodeling/repairs continue.


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So we’re back in town, dealing with Bragg to get our stuff and cleaning up the house from the renters.  Friday night, Kelly tells me there’s leak from the back bathroom toilet.  OK, no problem.  I look and confirm there’s water coming from the base after the flush.  Saturday morning, Matt has his first driving lesson by taking us to our local Ace Hardware to pick up the bits and bobs of toilet repair.  Job’s a good ‘un before noon.

Today, Kelly had a plan of action to get us further along with all of these boxes and immediately steps into a puddle of water in the bathroom.  We’re thinking its the toilet leaking again, but, nope.  Matt and I did a good job there.  Naw, there’s water coming from underneath the cabinet and the bottom of which is completely rotten through.  So I tore the whole cabinet out to get into the wall to find a leak in the hot water line to the sink.  It looks like that has been going for quite some time as the water has soaked up the gypsum behind the wall about 6 inches.  As for the sink from that cabinet, I had Matt use it to replace the front bathroom sink which had rusted out!!?!!  How does that JUST happen??!!  I’m not happy with our rental manager as I was expecting them to keep this sorta crap from happening.

Now I’m looking for a plumber to come in and fix this little leak as I don’t know how to weld/solder/seal copper pipes.  But I must admit that I’m still digging the joys of home ownership as this is MY HOUSE!!


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