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I’m not  a big political activist and wasn’t too surprised when CNN and Fox reported that almost 80% of Americans don’t trust their government.  Shameful, said the retiring soldier.  Here’s another reason not to trust the United States Government: watch the documentary Food, Inc. I have this naive belief that the Federal Government is there to protect its citizens.  To keep the airlines from price-fixing and excluding low-cost airlines, to keep the borders safe by empowering the Border Patrol, to enable the Food and Drug Administration the authority to ensure the safety of our food chain.  I could only watch the first third of Food, Inc. before I got too frustrated with the reality it was showing.  I cannot help but believe that this is yet another example of how Big Business has gotten control of our government to the profit of a very small segment of the United States.  Just like the Banking Industry (We put criminals in jail, not Bail them out!).  This documentary demonstrated how the FDA lacks the ability to ensure that the food we eat has nutritional value.  When the FDA cannot shut down factories, on the spot, that repeatedly allow E. Coli/Salmonella into the food stream, there is a HUGE problem.  It’s only when someone important dies will the laws change, if then.

Politicians do not their constituents bidding but, rather, their Masters’.  Think about it: a member of the United States House of Representatives is elected to a two year term in Congress.  Of those 24 months, how many are actually spent doing “work”?  There’s the rookie “getting lost in the hallways” period and the “you made it, too” period before they make the big move to the District.  That’ll take about 6-10 weeks.  Eventually, they’ll get to work, such as it is.  Then, they get into the re-election mode: campaign trail, town hall meetings, etc.  For the last 8-12 months of their term.  Of course I’m taking a WAG at it but it seems to me that this is a pretty good gig with lifetime retirement after being elected, including medical care for life, too.  The President isn’t much better as s/he’ll get about 18 months of “work” before s/he, too, dumps out to the election cycle.  Senators, on the other hand, can get almost four years of “work” before they quit.  Assuming any of the politicians ever started working.

So, when do these guys actually do their jobs?  And who decides what their job is?  I’d like to think that We, The People do, however, I don’t have enough money clout to see my Senator, let alone make change but I can vote and I will.  If only we had a free and fair press.

BTW, if this got you thinking then consider our dependence not on foreign crude but on electricity and the vulnerability of our national grid.


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My wife was reading the book The Political Mind and came across an interesting tidbit.  Seems that Bush II had been adding signing statements to bills that he’s signed into Federal Law.  In my wanderings of the Intarwebz, I’d read about this before on one of the news sites and when I was telling Kelly about it, I couldn’t find the story again.  It was just gone.  When she came across this tidbit in the book, she remembered my telling her about it and got us to thinking:  WTF, eh?!?  Why isn’t the Congress, ACLU, ABA, et al, up in arms about this practice?  Or are we the only ones who thinks that this is as wrong as the summer day is long?

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The nine scariest word in the English language.

Unless you’re rich, work on Wall Street or own a bank.  Or all of the above.  I’ve just finished reading And Then The Roof Caved In and I’m not a happy camper.  This book, in a clear, concise and non-technical manner, explains just how the economic meltdown happened.  I’ve tried to share my understanding of the magnitude of the crisis in pictures and video, however, reading this book has really cleared up most of the mystery of this egregious debacle.  (Apparently, Greenspan likes this word.)

Here’s what I’m still trying to figure out, though.  Where was the Federal Government in all of this?  The book does cover a bit of it, however, I’m naive enough to think that it is the duty of the Federal Government to protect the People of these United States.  And I’m talking about the bailout plan.  Why is it, for example, that the CEO of Washington Mutual, who ran the company for only 17 days until it failed, was given $20.1 million dollars in compensation?!?  That’s almost 5600 people who would not have to pay their $3600 “share” of the bailout plan!!! We have federal laws prohibiting smoking in federal buildings.  We have federal laws regulating the sale and possession of firearms.  Yet, there is no federal law prohibiting screwing over the American People who have nothing to do with this situation.  And the Federal Government is doing nothing to recoup it’s money from these guys but is more than willing to pass that loss to me.  So, I can’t help but wonder am I the only one who thinks this way?  Being overseas isolates me from the grass root sense of being and further antagonizes my belief there is little truth in reporting by our major media outlets.

And I’m trying to get back there to retire?!?


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Ya know, this’ll be one of those issues that’ll just fade away.  I would’ve said “Fade to black” but wanted to be PC.  Race relations in the US are definitely THE one thing I am not looking forward to.  I didn’t vote for Obama but I called the election back in October and was happy.  If nothing else, the race baiters would have to just shut the hell up, get the chip off their shoulders and get on with life, just like the rest of us.

I could go on, however, this isn’t about me but rather a very interesting perspective of a female black woman.  Taken with a grain of salt, she chucks her opinion out there on this issue (here and here).  I am thrilled to hear what she says because I agree with her and can’t help but wonder just how much longer all of this will go on.  Something to think about.


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Since the government has miscounted the deficit by over 2 TRILLION dollars, I was wondering just how big is that and figured I’d share this with ya’ll.

  • One trillion seconds of ordinary clock time = ( 1012 sec ) / ( 3.16 x 107 sec / yr ) = 31,546 years
  • One trillion pennies would be a cube measuring 273 feet on a side, weighing 3,125,000 tons.

And for those visual learners out there, consider this:



How’d you like that?  Check this site or this site for more visual representations of these numbers >your< elected officials are just chucking out there.


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Back in July of last year, I posted this entry about a guy I knew back when who was giving a US Army Infantry School graduation speech.  Now, the title of the entry was “Who needs the Kool-Aid?”, which sounded like a sarcastic look at toeing the party line, however, it was really about it being OK to actually believe the propaganda and have a big ole glass of Kool-Aid once in a while.  See, the thing that really stuck with me how COL White said that we shouldn’t apologize for being an American, for being #1.  Wow!!  Even now, that sends tingles down my spine!

Now, my Hotmail account gets some pretty erratic messages but there’s this guy from New York/Jersey who has me on his distro list and I get some pretty good stuff from him.  (Yes, I’ve asked him to pull me from his list… two years ago!)  Then Frank sent me a message to this link and I was thinking, “OK, what right wing message am I gonna see here?”

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OK, I called this back on 10 October: Barrack Obama was gonna win the Presidency, no doubt.

My friend, Art, posted this (typically) excellent insight to the current political situation in the US now that the Democratic Party has control over the US Legislative and Executive Branches of our government.

This made me think of a couple of things.  One of them being that, sometimes, you do have to take a step back to try and see a bigger picture, not The Big Picture, and, when you do, it’s amazing what you can see.  Another was his statement, “As a leader, if it appears that you are wrong, you are wrong.”  A lot of our leaders, national and military, need to stop what they are doing and think about that for five whole minutes.

The most interesting point was Art’s observation that our Congress has not been working legislation that would be vetoed by Bush.  At least then, the Democrats would be pushing their agenda, folks would see that and then approve or disapprove those actions.

I won’t critique Art’s observations; I’m just smart enough to sorta grasp the concepts.  Suffice to say that he’s made some good points and I’m wondering how long before someone else sees them, too.


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I never could get my head around deep financial, number deals, like 3 x 8 or 4 x 8. Complicated stuff, that is. So, when the banks started going belly up, I couldn’t be bothered. Until I was told that my part of that bailout was about $3600, at least!!

OK, now I’m mad. WTF, eh?!? How could this happen. Remember that whole 3 x 8 and 4 x 8 comprehension problem? Well, Lifehacker recently had a video about the whole debacle in metaphorical terms so that even I could understand it!! Doesn’t make me feel any better about having to bail out some rich jackass because he needed to go on vacation but at least I know the why the bailout happened.

The credit crisis as Antarctic expedition from Marketplace on Vimeo.

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