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As a follow-up to the previous post, if you recall, whilst posting this last week, I was in the QoD to cancel having them send me another 2505 to replace the one I had.  After doing so and reconfirming the existing problems with the current 2505 (won’t connect via Win7Pro64 nor will it update maps), I repeated my request to have CCC contact me before we do anything else.

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There were a >LOT< of things that I missed whilst living in Europe and one of the most important was customer service.  True, most of my European disappointments were a result of cultural differences, however, I would expect “right” to be “right” where ever you are.  Regardless, I believe that I am entitled to services rendered and will let folks know when I think they’ve not done their jobs.  Now, I’m not gonna be THAT old guy, the curmudgeon.  “You darn kids!! Stay off my grass!”  “Hey, I ordered EXTRA crispy radishes!”  Naw, I’ll just work on getting what I feel that I’ve paid for and deserve.  BTW, this took three days and 4225 words to write! Read the rest of this entry »

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