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That’s right, Kelly’s clock.  She saw this and now we have an elephant clock.  I really do like it because it swings, has a nice shade of blue and now is the only clock in the house!  My wife’s REALLY cool.  And oh, BTW, today is also Nyssa’s Sweet 16th and our 19th Anniversary.  No-one’s dead or in jail yet, as Jon would say!!


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The movers have arrived to pack up the Tucker Clan’s lootz for shipping to the States.  We spent the weekend sorting through everything figuring out what we could be without for the next two months until >we< (finally!) move back to the States.  We also started our own Clean Sweep on the House That Harry Built, finding lost things, GIANT dust bunnies and trying to find places to put the “keep here” stuff!!  Today, the Kids are in school and Kelly and I will try to stay out of the way of the packing crew.  Kinda harrowing watching strangers rifling through your bestest finds of the whole day but the anticipation is building for the big GTFO!!  More to follow, I’m sure.


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Last Friday, Kelly and I found an excellent antique warehouse over in Belgium that had a lot of really neat stuff.

Like this table.

Now THAT is a dining table!!

And then I found this beautiful form of carriage clock.

As this clock has the three holes for the winding key, it’ll play the Westminster Chimes at the quarter, half, three-quarter and then the hour, which sounds sorta like this.  To help give an idea of it’s size, it is 12 inches tall, 9 inches wide and 7 inches deep.  In the interest of decency, the horology porn has been moved to the Gallery for the pervs like me who are interested.


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One of the neat things about living in Europe is the antique markets.  We usually go down to Tongeren, Belgium for their Sunday morning market.  A Canuk-istani did a pretty good write-up here.  I’ve found that my “thing” to look for at the market are clocks.  I love the antique clocks and there are some really interesting ones out there.  Kelly and I decided together that we would only pay as much as what we thought the item was worth to us as opposed to what they’re offering.  If I think a table, for example, is worth the €70 they’re asking for, I’ll pay that.  Or I’ll sic Kelly on them and she’ll haggle them down.

One of the great things about the Tongeren market is that things change.  It isn’t always the same venders, the same loot or the same trash.  Sometimes, though, there are the same ole things that just keep showing up.  Like the atlas man clock.  (I’ll get a snap of that one next time.)

Earlier this summer, I’d seen this clock and thought it was the best clock I’d seen to date.  This was the Gold Standard for all other clocks.


Well, I didn’t think that it was worth the €225 that the guy was asking for.  So I just walked on by.  Over the next couple of months, sometimes that vendor would be there, with this clock, sometimes not.  But I always looked at that clock.

Well, this weekend we went back down there and had a blast.  We came back with some serious loot.  I owe pictures for everybody else’s stuff but this was my best find of the whole day:  my clock!!!  After we walked past it, again, Kelly asked if I really wanted it.  Of course I did but admitted that it too expensive.  Kelly thought it was worth about €50 but I did say to her that if she was to offer him €120 on the spot, he’d probably take it.  Well, again, I sic’d her on him and she worked her voodoo.  She asks him the price, he tells her €200 but to give him her price.  She says, “I’ll give you a €100 for it.”  “Ah, that is too little!” he says.  Kelly replied, “But you’ve had it since July.” At which point, he agrees and takes the €100!!!!  Wow, what a champ she is!!  And I’ve got this great clock.

Today, Matt and I mounted it in the hallway and got the weights and pendulum all sorted and she’s a beauty!


Not the best picture and it’s late.  But once we’ve properly sorted the decor, I’ll be sure to get more snaps up on the Gallery.


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