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I’ve always been a prolific reader as there wasn’t a lot of TV around my house growing up and reading was my escape. I’ve found a couple of authors who I really have enjoyed their work and have listed their works below in an effort to share their greatness.

Many years ago, I’d found the Hornblower series and that got me hooked on the naval component of the Napoleanic Wars. Here I am, 22 years in the Army, and I’m into the British Royal Navy during the early 19th century. Go figure. Eventually, I found the Aubrey-Maturin series (better known by the movie “Master and Commander“) and enjoyed them as much as Hornblower. I probably enjoy them more as there are more books to read (21 to 11). I’m guessing that I’ve read each series through about a half dozen times each. Last year in London, I found another series along the same lines by Julian Stockwin, who is still publishing! Yeah!

Recently, I found another series, the Bolitho series by Douglas Reeman, and they are very good. Currently, they only go up to the turn of the 18th to the 19th century, however, the author lives and is still writing!! Needless to say, I am now on a quest to get these books. Below, I’ve marked out the Bolitho books that I have ordered. If you’d like to burn some change and buy me a book, I’d be happy!! Unfortunately, I do have some OCB (remember, a disorder controls your life; you control a behavior!) in that the books that are in a series all must be the same publishing. For example, it is possible to get these books in typical paperback, which is about 6″ x 4″, or trade copy, which is about 8″ x 5″. I am not particular to either format, however, all of the books MUST be of the SAME size!! (Que OCB!!). With that and having found my new collection, I’ve found that the publisher has an excellent online sales site! *cough (hint, hint) *cough

24 June 2012:  I’ve also found more writers of the Great Age of Fighting Sail and have added them below.  Ummm…, more books!  Cheers!!

Bolitho SeriesDouglas Reeman

As of 6/2012
    1. Richard Bolitho, Midshipman
    2. Midshipman Bolitho and the ‘Avenger’
    3. Band Of Brothers
    4. Stand Into Danger
    5. In Gallant Company
    6. Sloop Of War
    7. To Glory We Steer
    8. Command a King’s Ship
    9. Passage To Mutiny
    10. With All Dispatch
    11. Form Line of Battle!
    12. Enemy In Sight!
    13. Flag Captain
    14. Signal – Close Action!
    15. The Inshore Squadron
    16. A Tradition Of Victory
    17. Success To The Brave
    18. Colours Aloft!
    19. Honour This Day
    20. The Only Victor
    21. Beyond The Reef
    22. The Darkening Sea
    23. For My Country’s Freedom
    24. Cross Of St. George
    25. Sword of Honour
    26. Second to None
    27. Relentless Pursuit
    28. Man of War
    29. Heart of Oak
    30. In the King’s Name

Kydd SeriesJulian Stockwin

As of 6/2012
  1. Kydd
  2. Artemis
  3. Seaflower
  4. Mutiny
  5. Quarterdeck
  6. Tenacious
  7. Command
  8. Kydd: The Admiral’s Daughter
  9. Treachery – (US title “The Privateer’s Revenge”)
  10. Invasion
  11. Victory
  12. Conquest

Matty Graves Series – Broos Campbell

As of 6/2012
  1. No Quarter
  2. The War of Knives
  3. Peter Wicked

Fighting Sail – Alaric Bond

As of 6/2012
  1. His Majesty’s Ship
  2. The Jackass Frigate
  3. True Colors
  4. Cut and Run

Hornblower SeriesC.S. Forester


Master and Commander SeriesPatrick O’Brian



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