Wait, wut??

About five years after I’d retired, and ~18 months after I started cycling, I decided to heed the advise, “Consult a physician prior to starting any exercise regime.” As I was a very strong runner when I was much younger, my physicals always showed that I had runner’s arrhythmia, however, after Iraq, I started getting premature ventricular contractions (PVCs). All of these were medically evaluated but not deemed significant.

During the testing, x-rays were taking of my heart and the radiologist’s report was simply amazing as the final line of his observations was “Grossly normal report.” However, what I found shocking was what was written at the bottom of the report under the heading of “Other Observations: Anterior wedge compression fracture T-6.” What this means is that, at some time whilst in the Army, I bent my back in the opposite direction it prefers to bend at the level of my shoulder blades.

Wait, wut?!? When did I break my back??? And how did I not notice a BROKEN BACK?!?!?