The beginning of the end

It’s been a good, quiet week with Thanksgiving and all, however, Kevin is not progressing as fast as Shelly would like. This puts me into the position (as the lucid, coherent one) of having to answer for his day. Why didn’t he do this, that or the other sorta questions. I understand that there are a lot of stressors involved and do keep outta the way. It’s now become a matter of staying out of the way, and sight, as much as possible.

Regardless, Kevin seems to be doing well with his daily activities, even if they are not as “productive” as some would expect. He recognizes that he cannot handle driving yet but expects to be able to do so, some day. And this is only two months after his stroke, whereas, most stroke patients show the most recovery in the first 3 to 6 months afterwards.

I’m just gonna leave this with it is truly difficult to be a non-family care-giver. What the fuck was I thinking?