This isn’t easy

The journaling part, that is. I’m not a writer in the first place, so keeping up with this is will be skittish to start. Deal with it.

Friday and Saturday were good days getting oriented to the program and how Kevin was doing. Sunday was a layabout day (day of rest!). Monday morning, I awoke to a text from Kev describing the difficulty he was having with breathing. The nurse called the doc and they had a video call with Kev resulting in him getting a nebulizer treatment, which helped him sleep the rest of the night. When I got in, Kev was doing and looking well and his therapies were fine. The staff had ordered blood and x-rays, all of which came back negative; threat of pneumonia avoided!!

Tuesday was not a good day, overall, as Kev was truly draggin. His nebulizer treatments were finally sorted out and I would’ve thought they would’ve put a little pep in his step. Not the case. He pretty much spent the day in bed, resting. Which, in and of itself, is not bad but not every day. Shelly was able to get some appointments scheduled and I’m not looking forward to driving into Baltimore.

Kevin is doing much better today, Wednesday, than yesterday as he’s doing his peg board and puzzles in addition to his therapies. Gonna give him the after lunch nap but I will have my revenge in waterworks!!