And now we start.

Shelly and I agreed to me coming up on Thursday, 7 November, so I can get set up in the basement and meet Kev.

The drive was absolutely horrid. My mentality was to just complete the trip; not trying for a land-speed record or personal best or anything like that. However. The idiots around me had other thoughts. I’m seriously considering flying next time. Seriously.

I was able to meet Shelly at the care facility Kevin is at on Thursday and found Kevin to be doing much better than I had expected. He’d looked really good at Jon’s Wedding in September but he looked haggard in the hospital bed. To be fair, most folks would.

I spent the day with Kevin and it went quite well. When the pups and I showed up, he was going through speech therapy but it seemed to be focused on memory skills. Regardless, we spent the day where I would heckle and prod him for movement and he’d comply.

I look at my function here as another pair of hands, sounding board, and all round sherpa. So far, that has worked out well as I’ve kept Kevin engaged and entertained. And Shelly and I have spoken often about what and how things are goin on.