No shit, there I was.

I ride my bike.  I like to ride my bike.  I like being out whilst riding my bike.  I have made a choice that I will not let cars deter me from riding my bike.  Ishna’Allah. إن شاء الله.  With that in mind, I do wear a quality, well fitting helmet.  I also wear neon green jerseys or outer garments and I have a red/white/yellow strobe mounted on the back of my bike.

Today, that wasn’t enough for the idiots of this world.  A driver decided that passing me, in a no-passing zone, whilst another car was approaching was a great idea.  Naturally, he barely passed by me and I flipped him off.

That’s when he decided to pull off the right side of the road.  And roll his window down.  I gave him a wide berth, expecting to be spat upon, and pushed on down the road.  That’s when he got back onto the road and pulled up next to me.

And started pushing into me.

I’m yelling at this guy but was truly scared that he was gonna hit me.  So I firmly planted a size 9.5 left Sidi with Speedplay cleat deeply into his Saturn’s right front fender and exploded quite a nice remembrance into the plastic.  About a 12 inch hole’s worth.

I did not expect such a result but that certainly did keep the guy away from me as I pulled to a stop and got my phone out.  He stopped ahead, got out of his car and started coming back to me, so I used my bike as a guard between us as I moved back, all the while calling 911 for help.

Needless to say, emotions were running high as I flagged down the next passing motorist who saw the whole thing.  When I asked him to stay for the police, he said, “Man, I’m smokin dope.  I’s gots to go!” and left.  Seriously, I cannot make this stuff up.

Shortly, the Stoney Point fire truck pulled up to confirm no injuries.  When I told them I’d kicked the guy’s door after he tried to run me off, the fireman said the State Trooper will do more than that.

When it was all said and done, the State Trooper told me I was in the right.  As a cyclist, I am a vehicle in the eyes of the law and have full right to the entire lane.  Of course, the paper the law is written on doesn’t hold up well to the car that tried to hit me.  At the time, I was worried that I was going to get hemmed up for kickin the car and didn’t even question why that guy didn’t get a ticket, though I wonder about it now.  Talkin with the Trooper, that guy could’ve been ticketed for several offenses for about 12 points

In any case, I was in the right of it, however, I’m not sure if I’ll do the same thing next time.  Just another reflection of the times showin the erosion of the rule of law down to rule of power.


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