Whilst driving me to Womack for yet another kidney stone, Kelly “allegedly” ran two red lights.  Though we stopped at both intersections (one being on Bragg) and made sure there were no cars coming, we proceeded through.  Thus, my diligently law-abiding, upstanding citizen put these on her trust in the fact that if a police officer had pulled us over, he would have then led the parade to the hospital after just one look at me.

Just two years ago, I drove myself to Womack but this bout, unlike its three predecessors, gave me no warning and just staggered me with its “Hello!”  So, instead of a quick ride to Parkton and then church, Kelly and I spent about 7 1/2 hours waiting this thing out.  During that time, Kelly just about read her latest book and I pretty much slept from all the durgs I needed for the pain.  I took four liters of Lactated Ringer’s solution (and only threw up twice), but surprisingly, I have yet to return these contributions.  Of course, the doctor told me to drink more often whilst riding my bike; I always take my Camelbak and then just about plough through a gallon of decaf Sweet Tea post-ride.  Hmmm…

Regardless, 68 days after my last trip to Womack was too soon, by far, for a return.  FWIW, this is now my new level 10 in pain on the 1 to 10 scale the docs ask you to compare to.  This hurt so bad I was fighting back the tears, not gonna lie.  But to hear the woman a couple of beds over screaming and crying about getting a simple shot in the arm made me feel that I wasn’t quite the wuss I thought I was when I left the house this morning.  And who takes their healthy toddler to the ER to visit?!?  A germ factory visiting the replenishment farm?!?  ‘Merica is in trouble if this is our future.

In any case, I’m have and well.  I felt so sick having not eaten anything since dinner last night, I settled for a McD’s strawberry shake and some bread, just to be sure I don’t violently reject this offering.  The yards NEED to be cut but that’ll just wait until tomorrow because I am now D-U-N.  Like a turkey dinner at Christmas, stick a fork in me.


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