So I gave Kelly a ride to work this morning and we get behind some go-faster Mustang which was red in color and had two broad, white racing stripes.  Naturally, I smugly call out “Poser!”, to which my loving bride responds with “I like that.”  WTF?!?!  Who are you and what have you done with my wife?!?  She goes on to say how it’s a Mustang, so it has to be cool and that she likes it better than a MINI.  Choking back my innate response of “Get the hell out!!”, I point out to here that I’d just seen no less than FOUR Mustangs at the intersection, they’re so COMMON.  To which she responds, “Yeah but it’s a Mustang, so it’s cool.”

Later, she asks “What are you doing going for Starbucks?”

My response: “Well, after that Mustang remark, I had to do >something< to get that bad taste out of my mind!!!


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