Today, I took my daughter, and baby of the family, up to Meredith for Move-In Day and my baby, Nisa-wisa, is gone from my life forever.

Now I have a Meredith Woman.  Nyssa has entered the Class of 2016 with the finest academic family that will prepare her for her future better than Kelly and I could have ever hoped to find.  In the short time we’ve spent at Meredith, we have come to believe that Nyssa will thrive in this environment and develop into a strong, resilient, fantastically gifted academic.  She has to trust in herself that she can exceed even her own expectations.

Meanwhile, I deal with the loss of my sweet ba-bu and hope she can see that, though my tears started in sorrow, they have become ones of joy.

I love you, Nyssa Natasha.  Your Poppa Bear

One Response to “And now my baby is gone.”
  1. Mummu United States Windows Vista Google Chrome 21.0.1180.75 says:

    Awww, Poppa Bear, here’s a big ole hug for you and for Momma Bear, too. Even though she will be a Meredith woman, Nyssa will never stop being your baby girl. After all, you are still someone’s baby boy 😉 The tears will recur through the years, both in happiness and wistfulness and sadness. But mostly in joy, because I’m sure this young woman will always bring you and Momma Bear, Pawpaw and Mummu, the entire family, much joy in the years to come. I can hardly wait to see who she’ll be in two, ten, twenty years from today.

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