At 3:30 am on Friday, 5 June 2009, someone decided that they wanted Maggie more than me and stole her from my garage.  They made entry to the house by lifting a window in the basement out of it’s frame.  They were then able to go upstairs into the kitchen and get my wallet and keys.  From there, they came into our bedroom and stole Kelly’s purse from her wardrobe.  Yes, everyone was in the house; yes, we were sleeping at the time; and yes, we heard nothing at all.  Until they drove Maggie out of the garage.

Apparently, taking Kelly’s guitar was causing too much noise, so they left it.  But they couldn’t resist her chocolate bars for a Girl Scout trip nor the bananas as we found a peel on the driveway out front.

So, for 2 years, 11 months and 5 days, Maggie was a great part of my life as we adventured across 70,720 miles together.  I realize that, to most folks, that comment sounds weird, however, Maggie was not unlike the family dog.  She was part of the family.  The best way I’ve been able to describe my feelings at this time is to imagine that your walking in the woods with your wife, kids and the family dog when an ATV comes blasting along and looses control.  Everyone dives off the road but you see your dog get run over.  Of course the wife and kids are OK but you’ve just seen your dog get killed.  Fellow MINI-acs understand.

Over the time I had Maggie, I tracked the milage and costs and here’re the numbers:

Purchase price — $25,500
Total cost of fuel — $11,904.18
Total cost of maintenance — $5,356.59
Total cost of ownership — $42,760.77
MPG — 20.19
Average cost per gallon — $3.89
Highest cost per gallon — $9.67
Starting price per gallon (October 2006) — $2.83
Ending price per gallon (June 2009) — $3.68
Lowest PPG (January 2009) — $2.53
Highest PPG (July 2006) — $9.67 (Belgium)
Average daily miles — 66.03

Ironically, Maggie was scheduled for an air conditioner replacement for Friday.  Also, I was planning on upgrading the brakes to the JCW kit later this summer.  Now, all I have from her are Kelly’s key, the original shift knob, the factory pulley and a mazillion memories.

The police reports have been filed, credit card and insurance companies notified.  Folks have asked if I’ll buy another MINI.  Honestly, at this point, I don’t know.  For those of you who don’t know, 2006 was the last year the coupe was made with the supercharged engine.  After that, the engine is turbocharged.  Trust me, there’s a difference.  Also, I’m hesitant to buy someone else’s problems nor do I think that I’ll be able to find another Cooper S with all the same bells and whistles.  I’d do the addons myself.  The individuality of the MINI is what makes finding another one, just like Maggie, so difficult.  Time will tell.

I hate to think that my cool little car is either being stripped for parts or being hot-rodded to death, not after all of the TLC (here and here) that I gave her.  But I will never forget the excellent adventures we’ve had together, like MITA08 and MU09.

Farewell, Margaret Rose, and thanks.

One Response to “Maggie’s dead! Long live Maggie!”
  1. art Germany Mac OS X Mozilla Firefox 3.0.11 says:

    Oh, no! The horror of it all! I am sorry I missed the news from when it happens, and am shocked to learn it now, Horrible, horrible news, horrible, horrible people for doing this! And if you want my vote, stick with the R53!

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