Listen, for my friends who didn’t serve, you >>will not<< understand the point, regardless of gender. And you have my pity.

Black, dark humor is a coping mechanism that immature, mentally undeveloped Service Member use in order to escape from the brutal, ugly truth of combat.

Please remember, and never forget, that the purpose of the combat troop (whether Army or Marine) is to execute the most INHUMANE act, repeatedly and ON COMMAND, which is to KILL another humane being.

Yes, “normal” people don’t want to kill other people. Service Members join for a LOT of reasons, however, since 9/11, they’ve been deeply involved with killing, both theirs and ours. With that, there’s not been a support mechanism to “deprogram” these Combat Veterans. Remember, Basic Combat Training is to take normal, American Service Member and have them, on command, kill another human being, regardless of REASON.

Along the way, these Service Members develop a VERY dark humor that helps cope with the situation. And Vets get it. AND it’s still funny!!!

Civilians will watch this stuff and get their panties in a twist thinking they need to act offended as this material IS NOT Politically Correct. However, Veterans (especially Combat Veterans) will look at this shit and giggle their ass off.

And that’s how we get through the day. One giggle at a time.

I am no longer in the dark place I was before. Depression no longer controls me. My humor, like John Belushi and Robin Williams, is RAW. But I get through the day

And I laugh. Admit it, you laughed at this crazy-assed shit you just saw. Don’t judge it; don’t ridicule it. Just laugh. As Donny O’Malley said it on Vice TV’s episode, “Focus on a niche. Give a niche what they want the expand on it.” Not the best solution but, at least, it’s an attempt.

This is for veterans, especially combat veterans: those folks who, at the end of the day, are thankful they didn’t die this day.

If you do not like this sentiment, contact your Representative and tell them to get the FUCK out of the Middle East.

FWIW, I don’t like it, either, however, we’ve only be killing Americans since 2001.