What greater curse than this?

This comment:

Vanessa, I miss you so much!!

Annette, I haven’t cried so much since FOREVER when I read your post. THANK YOU!!! I do LOVE my wife and I will >always< see her as the love of my life. I >>HONESTLY AND TRULY<< hope you enjoy the same pain as me. God bless you, my friend, to a LIFETIME of happiness. Ken

as a response to these posts:

I remember, DECADES ago, a Campbell’s Soup commercial that starts with a view from across a small field, looking at the front of a farm house with a large veranda and somebody swinging on the porch. You then hear an elderly female (70-something) voice ask, “Frank, do you want some lunch?” as you see the front door open. A vague, feminine figure is opening the door on the front of the veranda as an elderly man’s voice says, “Yes, Martha.” The scene changes to an angle down the veranda where a young, 20-something lady holding a tray, presents it to a 20-something man, who says, in a very elderly voice, “Thank you, Martha.”

The scene ends with an narrator saying, “Campbell’s soup. Feel young again.”

I’ve just watched the film, I Feel Pretty, and I am overwhelmed with emotion as I think about how others might see my wife, my friend of >>37<< years, my absolute, best friedn evah and think, “What are you missing in YOUR life?!” It is NEVER about what others “see” but what those who, unreservedly and without hesitation or reservation, SEE IN YOU as who you REALLY are. I know, without hesitation, that Karen, Charlotte, Darline, Cheryl, etc., will agree.

I love my wife, Kelly Tucker. I always have and I always will.

I don’t say this for the edification of others but for hers. Please, Kelly, always remember and NEVER forget, I love you for >>ALWAYS<<.

This, Nyssa, is what you should expect from a MAN.

{from Facebook}  Annette Adkison  wrote:  The way you talk about Kelly has always stuck with me. Never a bad word to say about her and when you talk about her, you light up. The photographer at my wedding took a pic of you two dancing and you could see the love written all over your face. You two are a wonderful example of how marriage should and can be.

My response (and the ONLY response) AND its own post was:

Communication is THE KEY to >ALL< relationships. Be true to yourself AND your partner. S/He might not understand how you feel but that is HOW YOU FEEL!! Own that because >>THAT<< is who you ARE. Your husband/wife/partner will understand enough to figure out the next step WITH you. >AND< they will grow with you. They’ll work through their issues because they are JUST as flawed as you THINK you are but you, through choice, do not see their flaws.

Unless you’re a psycho nut-job, in which case, they’ll know to have you committed and get all your cool Pokeman cards.

Listen, for my friends who didn’t serve, you >>will not<< understand the point, regardless of gender. And you have my pity.

Black, dark humor is a coping mechanism that immature, mentally undeveloped Service Member use in order to escape from the brutal, ugly truth of combat.

Please remember, and never forget, that the purpose of the combat troop (whether Army or Marine) is to execute the most INHUMANE act, repeatedly and ON COMMAND, which is to KILL another humane being.

Yes, “normal” people don’t want to kill other people. Service Members join for a LOT of reasons, however, since 9/11, they’ve been deeply involved with killing, both theirs and ours. With that, there’s not been a support mechanism to “deprogram” these Combat Veterans. Remember, Basic Combat Training is to take normal, American Service Member and have them, on command, kill another human being, regardless of REASON.

Along the way, these Service Members develop a VERY dark humor that helps cope with the situation. And Vets get it. AND it’s still funny!!!

Civilians will watch this stuff and get their panties in a twist thinking they need to act offended as this material IS NOT Politically Correct. However, Veterans (especially Combat Veterans) will look at this shit and giggle their ass off.

And that’s how we get through the day. One giggle at a time.

I am no longer in the dark place I was before. Depression no longer controls me. My humor, like John Belushi and Robin Williams, is RAW. But I get through the day

And I laugh. Admit it, you laughed at this crazy-assed shit you just saw. Don’t judge it; don’t ridicule it. Just laugh. As Donny O’Malley said it on Vice TV’s episode, “Focus on a niche. Give a niche what they want the expand on it.” Not the best solution but, at least, it’s an attempt.

This is for veterans, especially combat veterans: those folks who, at the end of the day, are thankful they didn’t die this day.

If you do not like this sentiment, contact your Representative and tell them to get the FUCK out of the Middle East.

FWIW, I don’t like it, either, however, we’ve only be killing Americans since 2001.